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The environment

La Paloma’s beaches have their own very marked characteristics.

Along the almost 20 kilometers of coastline, you will find calm beaches with shallow waters, beaches with big waves that surfers from all over the world come to, very crowded beaches, other quieter ones, and strategic points to see the sunset.

La Serena Beach has accessible descent and wooden terraces. It has ramps that allow access for people with reduced mobility. It is also ideal for sports in the sand due to its great extension, and for long walks. It is a beach frequented by families, young people and surfers who come to enjoy the waves of this open sea beach.

It is made up of dunes that are in the recovery stage, for which visitors are asked to use the wooden corridors that were created to preserve the dunes.

It has a lifeguard service and during the summer you will find several beach bars.


Enjoy the local gastronomy offered by the restaurants in the area.

From an alliance between suppliers and gastronomic companies, “Sabores de Rocha” arises, which invites you to taste dishes cooked with local products in order to strengthen Rocha’s gastronomic identity.

Activities to enjoy La Paloma

Along the beaches of La Paloma you can enjoy activities such as:


Sport fishing



Horseback riding



Stand Up Paddle



Enjoy the outdoors by visiting:

Dock of La Paloma Port

It is more than 1 kilometer long and is an ideal walk to do in the afternoon where you can enjoy a wonderful view of La Paloma and its beaches.

Barra de la Laguna Trail, Laguna de Rocha

The Laguna de Rocha is part of the National System of Protected Areas (SNAP) of Uruguay. It is made up of approximately 22,000 hectares that include 7,200 of water, hills, plains, the coastal strip and part of the oceanic platform. In 1977 it was declared Lake National Park and World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The Barra de la Laguna Trail tour begins at the lake and makes a first stop at the bird observatory. The Laguna de Rocha is home to more than 220 species of birds. It continues until you reach the sand bar that separates the lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean and ends in the area of ​​the dunes.

Dolphin and whale watching

Various types of dolphins and whales coexist on the coasts of La Paloma during the year and can often be seen from the coast, the viewpoints or the pier.

La Paloma is part of the Southern Right Whale route. From July to October they pass through Uruguay on their migration and can often be seen from the coast.

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