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La Serena Suites

"Because we enjoy where we are, we want to offer the best of what we have"

Who is behind (and in front of) La Serena Suites

23 years ago, Belén, an agronomist from Spain, found her place in the world in La Paloma. Today, she shows everyone who visits La Paloma the natural beauty here and why she chose it as her home.

As a hostess, she attends her guests in a personalized and attentive way, paying attention to the details that make La Serena Suites a place that makes you want to return.

Belén has a team of people always ready to help you during your stay so that you enjoy your visit to La Paloma to the fullest.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

At La Serena Suites we are passionate about nature and the environment. We take their care and preservation very seriously, that is why we carry out practices such as:

Support for local entrepreneurs

We support the local community by consuming and recommending products from local entrepreneurs and suppliers.

Waste sorting

We are part of the La Paloma Limpia program, separating the waste generated by the hotel and then taking it to a recycling center.

Sustainable garden

The gardens of La Serena Suites were designed by Belén using native plants, achieving a sustainable garden with low maintenance and water consumption, and the birds choose us too!

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